The University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology "George Emil Palade" of Târgu Mureş, an emblematic academic sanctuary for this area of the country, well-known and recognized abroad, has been operating for more than six decades. The professions for which students of this university are trained involve, above all, the cultivation of native qualities, a range of factors and conditions: skills and knowledge based on study and research work, commitment and respect for people, namely humanism, generosity and tolerance, the latter being a sine qua non part of our academic society.

We are heirs and messengers of distinct cultures which have influenced each other. Their harmonization in a constructive form of multiculturalism can and should induce a synergistic effect and be a major factor for the progress of the University. Docendo discimus – learning by teaching – is the motto I propose to my colleagues and the one I assume on their behalf. We have knowledge and values that must be passed down to those around us.

A creative transfer of information and professional experience will lead to continuous improvement. Our University will become more competitive as the offered courses will preserve both tradition and progress achieved by a continuous upgrade to the requirements of the European labour market. We belong to an academic community with a specific dynamics. It motivates us to be part of a major initiative to face the challenge implied by getting involved in a competitive environment. We look towards the future with the hope of building a university for the future! I am sure thatby preserving tradition, appreciating diversity and relying on continuity, we shall be successful!

Through history, tradition, professionalism, performance and prestige over time, The University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Târgu Mureş is indeed a European university of educational and scientific excellence.