Hello everyone

We're continuing our welcome week events with an Among Us night

"What is it?" you wonder? 

In short, it's like Mafia, just online.

Among Us is a free mobile game. In this game 10 players are placed as astronauts on a space shuttle.

There are two kinds of players: The Crewmates and the Imposters (Murderers). The Crewmates don’t know who the Imposters are. 

The Crewmates' task is to fix the space shuttle by playing several mini games.

The Imposters' aim is to take out all the crewmates and stop the crewmates from fixing the space shuttle by sabotaging the machines. 
If a crewmate has a suspicion (sus) who the Imposter might be, or if a dead body is discovered, they can call all the players together and start a discussion and a democratic vote to throw one of the players off the space shuttle.

The Crewmates win if:
-The Crewmates fixed the space shuttle

-All Imposters have been discovered and been thrown off the space shuttle
The Imposters win if:
-All crewmates are taken out
-The ship is sabotaged for a certain time

In total it's a fun little game about trust, betrayal, discussions and knowing each other



06/10/2020 - 19:00
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